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The Third International Competition in Creative Activity

III M&E-2010

(February–November 2010)

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  • Russian educational magazine “Music and Electronics”     


  • International Centre “Art and Education” (Moscow);
  • The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (St.-Petersburg);
  • Music schools of Moscow, Khimki, Mytishchi.
Goals of the Competition:
  • Consolidation and music experience exchange in the domain of electronic pedagogy;

The Competition Procedure:

  • The Competition is addressed to pupils, college, academy, high school students not elder than 25 (30) and teachers, using electronic technologies in their musical activity.
  • Participation of foreign musicians by e-mail is possible without personal attending.
  • Applications and compositions may be sent: Deadline is September 25, 2010.
  • Results of the Competition will be announced before Gala-concerts on November 1-3, 2010.
  • Foreign participants (taking part by e-mail) may not attend Gala-concerts. Records of their winner compositions will be included in November 1–3 concerts programme, and the files of the compositions will be available at the special web-site: www.muzelectron.ru.
  • All the competitors will be rewarded by Diplomas of participants and special gifts. Prizes will be sent by ordinary mail at the end of the Competition events.
  • The Competition is judged by professional International Jury. The Honorary Jury member is Klaus SCHULZE (Germany).


  • It is necessary to represent audio records of one, two or more compositions made with keyboard or music computer (total duration must not exceed 5 minutes) by e-mail in the format of exe files:
    MP3 (or video at MPEG2, 4).
  • Not only solo but ensemble compositions (e.g.  mixed with acoustic instruments or singers) are possible. Choice of genres and styles is up to the participant.
  • Original (Author) Composition;
  • Arrangement Music;
  • Multimedia Project;
  • Skillful Performance at Electronic Music Instruments;
  • Teacher Mastery (mastery of learning).

It is possible to send all the materials by e-mail: konkurs@muzelectron.ru  (izdatelstvo@list.ru – additional).  Web-site: www.muzelectron.ru

Address of “Music and Electronics”: 127576, Moscow, Ilimskaya Street, 2, entrance 9, floor 1,
p/a 430-A), “Harmonia”. For the Competition.    Mob. tel.: +7 903 529 8927
Tel./fax: +7 499 908 0800 (in September: Tuesday and Thursday — 10:00–13:00, Moscow time)