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The Sixth International Competition in Creative Activity

VI M&E-2016

Final — Moscow,
31 October — 01 November 2016

VI M&E-2016
V МиЭ-2014
IV M&E-2012
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  • Russian Educational Magazine “Music and Electronics”.   


  • International Centre "Art and Education" (Moscow);
  • Methodological Center "Multimedia computer technologies and electronic musical instruments" (Balakirev Art School, Moscow);
  • A. Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (St.-Petersburg);
  • Music schools of Moscow, Khimki.

Goals of the Competition:

  • Consolidation and exchanging of musicians' experience in domain of electronic pedagogy and keyboard playing.

Regulations of the Competition:

  • The Competition is addressed to pupils, learning teenagers, college, academy, high school students to 25 (30) years old, teachers and all musicians, who are using electronic technologies in their music creative activity.
  • Participation of foreign musicians by E-mail is free of charge and is possible without attending.
  • Sending statements to E-mail: Deadline – 28th of September, 2016.
  • Sending compositions to E-mail: Deadline – 10th of October, 2016.
  • Results of the Competition will be announced before final events and Gala-concert (1 of November, 2016).
  • Foreign competitors (who will take part by E-mail correspondence) may not arrive to the Gala-concert. Records of their winner compositions will be included in the November concert and files of compositions will be available at the web-site muzelectron.ru
  • All competitors will be rewarded by Diplomas of Laureat, Diplomant or Participant. Some participants will get special prizes. Prizes to Laureates and Winners of the Competition may be sent by ordinary mail at the end of competition events.
  • The Competition is judged by professional International Jury, previous seasons Klaus Schulze and Edward Artemiev being honor members of Jury.

Creative Conditions:

  • It is necessary to represent audio records of one, two or more compositions, not more than 7 minutes of total duration, made with keyboard or music computer in exe: WAV, MP3 (or video at AVI, MPEG2, 4, etc).
  • Not only solo but ensemble productions (among them mixed with acoustic instruments or singers) are greeted. Choice of genres and stiles is free.
  • Winners:
    • Author (original) composition
    • Author (original) composition
    • Musical arrangement;
    • Skillful performance at electronic music instruments;
    • Teacher mastery (mastery of learning).

It is possible to send all the materials by E-mail: izdatelstvo@list.ru and Internet resource.

Our web-site: muzelectron.ru

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