Music and Electronics-2006: Competition logo

January – November 2006

  • International centre "Art and Education";
  • Editorial board of magazine "Music and Electronics";
Goals of Competition:
  • Development of youth electroacoustic creative activity;
  • Consolidation and exchanging of musicians experience in domain of electronic pedagogy;
  • Promotion of electronic music instruments and digital technologies in contemporary music education
Conducting order of Competition:
  • Competition will be held in 2006 year. Reception of statements begins January 14, 2006;
  • Competition is addressed to pupils and learning teenagers from 6 to 16 years old, who are using electronic technologies in their music activity;
  • Galla-concerts will take place in November in the concert hall of Moscow;
  • Deadline for sending statements – October 30, 2006.
Creative conditions:
  • It is necessary to represent records of one, two or more compositions 10 minutes of total sounding, made with keyboard or music computer (not only solo but ensemble productions, or mixed – with acoustic instrument or singers – are greeted)/preferable in exe: *.wav, *.mid – CD: Floppy-discs or video – DVD or cassets/;
  • Winners:
    • Author (original) composition (6 prizes). Possible genres: instrumental, vocal-instrumental, music theatre, cinema music, multimedia (in subsidiary), etc.;
    • Arrangement (adaptation, use, transposition, etc.) music any genres (academic – old, classic, contemporary, or folk, jazz, popular) (6 prizes);
* All of participants will be reward with Honor lists and CDs. Address for statements, audiomaterials, etc.:
127576, Moscow, Ilimskaia ul., 2, entrance 9, floor 1, p/a 430-A).
Tel./fax: +7 499 908-08-00 (Tuesday, Thursday, 10.00 to 13.00, Moscow time)